Over the time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve often picked up on and suggested original ways to reduce your CO2 emissions - some strange but true, some merely fanciful. Today, however, I think I’ve heard one of the most original and bizarre, and what’s more it makes sense, even if it makes a teeny difference.

According to an article I read in the Daily Mail, Japanese Airline ANA is asking all passengers to relieve themselves before boarding their flights, in order to reduce their body weight and thus reduce CO2 emissions. A quick calculation suggests that on a plane of 150 people, this could constitute an average weight saving of…… 63.7 kg. Hmm, that’s one small person, or just over two maximum weight suitcases. Not exactly a huge saving then.

Here’s the point where we move on to the classic debate: do we wait until the big solutions arrive, or do we take every chance we’ve got to make things better, however small the difference? Well for me, if it costs nothing, then it’s worth it, and I for one will happily try to empty my tank before boarding any flight in the future.