No, in spite of the acronym it’s not about recycling human waste! 1BOG stands for 1Block Off The Grid, and the idea is ‘Solar Power Community Purchasing’.

Installing Solar Power is notoriously complicated and expensive, not to mention the red tape involved, which is certainly one of the reasons that  the uptake has been slow in most countries around the world. 1BOG has been set up to break down this barrier and encourage more US inhabitants to go the solar route by helping them do so as part of a group, thus simplifying the process, improving negotiating power, and giving support on red tape issues.

They have just been acquired by Virgance, owners of Carrotmob, another community based idea for reducing CO2, and a company to watch over the next few years. Today I received an email saying that 1BOG has launched officially in no less than 20 different US cities, so they are really going for it from the outset.

In these troubled times, we are all looking to save money and even Barack Obama (who has obviously been reading Reduce Your Co2) is now telling the world that by investing in sustainable power generation, we can save money and do good for the planet. 1BOG helps reduce the up-front investment, one of the bigger blocks to moving over to Solar Power, and I for one hope that their communities spread broad and wide as fast as possible. In fact, I very much hope we will very soon be seeing them on this side of the pond.